Unbridled Results Helps to Build Teams with a Purpose

Get your corporate group into the great outdoors! Nestled on a 100-acre ranch two hours north of Sydney, Unbridled Results offers custom team building workshops assisted by our unique four-legged facilitators.

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We Help to Mould Leaders and We Make Teams Stronger

Whether you’re a sports group or a professional organisation, our exciting team building workshops help break down personal barriers, allowing your team to bond like never before.

We Help to Mould Leaders and We Make Teams Stronger

Led by professionally trained staff, your groups will engage in activities designed to heighten awareness, develop new skills, communicate effectively, & build trusting relationships that endure. Our stunning venues and diverse programming options can accommodate teams of all sizes, backgrounds, interests and abilities.

LouisaThe Effectiveness of Equine Guided teambuilding activities to enhance and develop a team’s ability to work together is unsurpassed. The transformatory learning that takes place during our retreats is truly remarkable to witness and something that I’m very proud to be a part of. Nothing enhances physical & emotional intelligence like nature can…

  • Build Relationships and Strong Partnerships

    Solid partnerships are based on the willingness to understand each other’s position. Horses offer a fresh perspective on setting expectations for personal and professional partnerships. Unlike human-to-human interactions that are often immediately burdened by expectations, our well-trained horses teach participants that goals & leadership can only be achieved after trust has been established.

  • Effective Collaboration and Team Building Strategies

    Don’t settle for team building exercises in which challenges are only imagined – Unbridled Results participants are given real obstacles involving a rather large living, breathing, reacting creature! To succeed in their common goal, team members must learn to collaborate. Only by recognising each other’s strengths & developing trust can they explore which different strategies will help them succeed.

  • Master Techniques for Highly Improved Communication Skills

    Communication is the key to success in overcoming any difficulty and finding solutions but did you realise how much of our ability to effectively convey a message is nonverbal? A horse’s sensitivity to group dynamics, behaviour and emotion makes them integral team members in our communication building exercises. Participants will gain valuable insight as to how they own communication is perceived.

We Help Build More Within Your Team

Lugano Firefighter

What a fantastic way to introduce a group – who do not often get a chance to work together as a cohesive team to the concept of teamwork and effective communication. Working with non-human clues was an eye-opener! stra-ratings

Fire FighterLaguna Fire Brigade
Richard's Testimonial

A truly empowering experience using animals that are masters of intent. They respond to body language instantaneously and give you fast, accurate and honest feedback about your state of mind and intentions. I definitely recommend this training to anyone who wants to get more clear about how to communicate with people on a much deeper level, improve their self-esteem and increase their own conviction.stra-ratings

Richard BrusMarketingSydney
Firefighter Testimonial

Great use of beautiful, large and strong animals to bring people together with another objective. Communication can be our greatest weakness so this workshop was an excellent means of showing how important and productive it is to share ideas and discuss before action is taken – so important.stra-ratings

FirefighterLaguna Fire Brigade

Challenging & exciting ways to promote lasting change in your organisation


Your single, most important resource in any organisation are the individuals who are invested in it’s success and each other. Our team building facilitates a unique blend of communication, problem-solving and professional commitment to ensure your organisation enjoys lasting positive changes and success! Get in Touch with Us →

With activities designed not to depend on one person’s strengths, but the building of trust and support between members, participants practice the art of:

  • Offering peer encouragement
  • Positive communication skills
  • Supporting group decisions
  • Receiving & giving support
  • Trusting their own instincts
  • Working together efficiently


Ready for your organisation’s team to start achieving more?


Unbridled Results can help your teams practice the skills and attitudes needed to accomplish any goal – Contact us at 02 4998 8770 to schedule your custom team building workshop today!