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Unbridled Results is proud to offer distinctive leadership workshops and team-building corporate retreats that your group will never forget! Guided by our specialist facilitators, your groups will experience instant, honest feedback on the way in which each individual’s non-verbal communication and ability to cooperate impacts their professional relationships and effectiveness.

A Unique & Profoundly Practical Experience

Our unique program doesn’t require that participants have any riding experience. Instead, we use groundwork exercises with our many well-trained and family-friendly Gypsy Cob horses for a naturally engaging environment that encourages the active practising of skills.

Unbridled Results founder, Louisa Farthing, is life-long equestrian with a diploma in Management and has two decades of experience in Business Development & Product Management. With an an undergraduate degree in Zoology Louisa recognised the similarities between skills necessary for successful interactions with horses & in the workplace; & Unbridled Results was born…

How Does it Work?

Each workshop is approx 2 hours long. One or two workshops a day, coupled with a working lunch and other activities will allow your group to get the maximum out of the experience. When you learn by “doing and experiencing” you have the most success at retaining and growing your skills. Each workshop is different and builds on your growing experience.

Team Building & Leadership

There is a gap between theory & practice; between awareness & action; between what we know & what we do. Our specialised workshops hold up a mirror to your behaviours & help facilitate rapid personal development with focused activities & discussions designed to heighten your awareness, develop new skills, & increase your ability to be a more effective person.

Why Unbridled Results?

In this fresh approach to training, our Equine Specialist Professionals allow you to experience powerful interactions with horses on the ground (no riding or prior experience required) which is coupled with non-directive coaching to give you instant feedback to expand your communication, leadership, emotional intelligence and influencing capabilities.

Unbridled Results’ Fabulous Location

You’ll be coming to our working Gypsy Cob horse stud, set on 100 acres in a picturesque valley less than 2hrs north of Sydney. The area is private & inspirational, creating a natural environment to learn in. We have conference facilities here for you to hold meetings around the workshops, or you can explore other exclusive activities in the beautiful Lower Hunter, all organised for you by our co-ordinators who know all the inside secrets to our local area!

Better understand fellow team members
Improve competence in communication
Increase your teams trust & honesty
Explore & improve your team dynamics

Increase self-awareness & understanding
Body language awareness & emotions
Your behaviour’s that hinder growth
Increase your overall personal success

All About Unbridled ResultsOur stunning venue & diverse programming options can accommodate teams of all sizes, backgrounds, interests & abilities. By providing a unique approach to team building, Unbridled Results can transform any group into a creative, highly functioning team. Our horses offer powerful team building interactions with no riding experience required..!