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Why Horses? Honest and immediate feedback makes horses the perfect teaching partners. Horses quickly educate you about how effective your actions are, how consistent you are in communicating, and how clearly you define your goals.

Horse Sense & the Amazing Benefits

Horses are large and powerful, yet very sensitive. They are experts at detecting and responding to all your non-verbal cues.

Equine Assisted Training

Horses require your thoughts and emotions to be consistent with your actions, there is no “putting on a happy face” with horses. As you develop yourself in the workshops you will notice the change in the impact your actions have on the horses.

Is any Horse Experience Needed?

What if I don’t like horses or are afraid of them? – Absolutely no experience is required as there is no riding at all.

Horse Holding Briefcase

Unbridled Results Equine training is only performed on the ground. Anyone can participate in our workshops with the guidance of our facilitators. You are provided with an safe non-riding environment that is highly conducive to learning.

So much of our communication is non-verbal. Horses are innate experts at reading your body language and even your intent. They instantly give you simple, straight and honest feedback on your actions. Their survival depends on their instincts and they are drawn to follow natural leaders. They also work naturally in a team, and their actions will reflect the team’s dynamics. A horse doesn’t role-play with you – by responding back to you they mirror your intentions giving you clear insight into your behaviour.

Unbridled Results Magnificent Horses

Here at our working Gypsy Cob horse stud we have all ages of horses from new foals, to retired ‘babysitters’.

Family run – each horse and pony is handled by every family member (including our 3 year old son). The horses and ponies used in the workshops are carefully chosen. And whilst they all have their own personalities, we are spoilt for choice as they all love to meet and interact with new people.Get in Touch With Us →

“The Horse Will Teach You If You Listen…” Ray Hunt

New research is released all the time about the benefits of equine assisted training. It’s truly an incredible way to introduce a group to the concept of teamwork and effective communication. Nothing can make a better leader out of you than a horse can. Download the informative PDF’s ⇒

“…The horse knows. He knows if you know. He also knows if you don’t know. There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man…

Horses change lives. They provide peace and tranquillity to troubled souls & they bring out the best in every man… Louisa Farthing