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Read through our most frequently asked questions about our specialised And highly effective Equine assisted training. Our favourite piece of advice for attending clients is to bring ‘an open mind’ and get ready to have some fun!

What should I wear?

Enclosed shoes or boots are the only MUST. Otherwise dress comfortably for outside work! And dress to fit the weather. Layers are great. Sessions might start out at one temperature, but become much cooler or warmer as they progress.

I've never ridden a horse, do I have to ride?

No – there is no riding involved in any of our workshops so everyone can take part.

What can working with horses do that I can’t learn elsewhere?

Horses offer a fresh perspective on setting expectations for personal and professional partnerships. Unlike human-to-human interactions that are often immediately burdened by expectations, our well-trained horses teach participants that goals can only be achieved after trust has been established. The horse acts as the perfect mirror to our behaviour, feelings and actions and participants get immediate, honest and non-judgemental feedback on what the horse is sensing.

I'm very familiar with horses already. Will I get anything out of this?

Absolutely. You may already be “ahead of the curve” a bit about what kind of feedback the horses can offer you about leadership and professional development. Yet, you might also find that our horses respond differently than your horse or than other horses you are used to interacting with. We interact with horses in a very different manner than traditional horsemanship, and look forward to showing you horses through a new lens.

I'm afraid of horses, will this affect my learning?

In our experience with many nervous participants, the fear is quickly forgotten as attendees feel relaxed and safe with our specially trained horses. Most people are amazed at the connection and trust that they build with the horse. And no prior knowledge of horses and/or horsemanship is needed.

What if I'm allergic to horses, can I still participate?

In most cases we can work around this so that you can still participate fully in the experience with minimal impact on you! Please contact our office to discuss issues surrounding allergies.

What happens in a Horse assisted learning session?

After consulting with you and your team, we will design your workshop to suit your specific goals.  In a day’s workshop we are usually outside for the majority of it. We split the sessions with the horses into 2-3 hour blocks, with de-briefing, lunch and breaks in between.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions about our training or require more information you can contact us here via our Contact us page, or email us directly at info@unbridledresults.com.au or call us on (02) 4998 8770.