Rediscover Leadership Concepts by Learning From the Ground Up

Get ready to be challenged by our professional team of trainers and four-legged leadership facilitators! Our beautiful venue offers leadership training programs that focus on experiential learning while offering some seriously fun skill
development that improve your personal capabilities and organizational performance.

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    As the speed of business increases, it’s easy to focus only on immediate needs and pay less attention to the systemic issues that ultimately drive long-term success. One of those significant areas is leadership development; and there’s a clear connection between an organization’s leadership practices and the level at which their employees perform.

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    Unbridled Results helps executives and managers discover their most effective leadership style in our outdoor leadership development program. Experience an energising workshop that focuses on removing communication barriers and uncovering team dynamics, to enhance the skills you use every day.

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Unbridled Results Will
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Your Leadership Skills

Management & Leadership

Refine your personal leadership vision so that you can more effectively set and communicate goals to your team! By interacting successfully with your horse, you’ll also learn how to better build relationships with respect and recognize your own potentially negative behaviours.

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Lead Teams into Success

Learn to be an effective leader by starting with your boots on the ground. You’ll focus on recognising useful skills in others &¬†problem-solving as a group. Our hands-on workshop reinforces learning to relate to different personalities with varied communication styles.

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  • Enhance Your Communication Skills

    Practice authentic and effective verbal and non-verbal communication like never before! As flight animals, horses are wired to respond to the slightest communication cues. Their awareness of often-overlooked non-verbal communication offers a unique perspective and opportunity to grow.

  • Cutting Edge Leadership Performance Coaching

    Our professional trainers and horses provide the opportunity to embrace conflict and learn how to effectively communicate through it while gaining the confidence to avoid micro-managing. You’ll gain self-awareness and understanding on how your behaviour and state impacts others around you.

  • Unharness Your Abilities at Unbridled Results

    Whether a new leader, current manager or individual seeking personal development for a professional edge, building the trust and communication skills necessary to develop a good relationship with your equine-helper offers a greater understanding of human behaviour.

  • Fast Tracked Personal Development

    Recognise your own strengths is as important as nurturing others. By practising calm and confident interactions with our horses, you can learn to manage negative emotions and overcome your own fears. Our methodologies produce consistent examples of respected leadership.

  • Employee Management Skills Every Leader Needs

    Learn to generate loyalty and develop a solid team, by recognising the talent within everyone you work with. You’ll also practice clarifying your expectations to give and receive better feedback. By empowering those you’re designated to lead, you’ll enjoy a shared sense of purpose as a team.

  • Interactive Training Activities that Work

    You don’t need to know how to ride to explore our unique leadership development program! Get ready for an enjoyable method of learning that can be specifically tailored to your specific needs. You’ll enjoy every step of the way as we help you to become the leader you were born to be.